Download Grey’s Anatomy [Season 3 Episode 13] – Great Expectations

Great Expectations

After Webber announces his retirement, rumors begin to circulate on his departure and successor. Mark is determined to leave Seattle for good, and irritates Meredith and Alex by making them tend to a patient who will need constant attention but Meredith accidentally gives Mark incentive to stay after letting him know of the open Chief position. Derek is angry at Meredith for causing Mark to remain in Seattle, but soon realizes that she is not the reason he is really angry. The attending physicians at Seattle Grace Hospital fight to get Webber’s attention, but he expresses his disappointment in their conduct. He also forces Bailey to get signatures from all the attendings so she can create a free medical clinic, before confessing to her that he thinks she will be Chief one day. Bailey secures the signatures, but has no funding until Izzie offers to spend her entire 8.7 million dollar inheritance on the project. Addison, Izzie, and George treat a patient with a cervical tumor, and Izzie gets worried about George due to his dad having recently died from cancer. Things get more complicated when the patient’s Puritan parents arrive. Addison is avoiding Alex following their kiss. Callie and Cristina treat a marathon runner who collapsed after a blackout. George, devastated after his father’s death, reunites with Callie and uses sex to overcome his grief, before eventually proposing to her. Cristina and Burke still don’t speak to each other, but she eventually breaks, and Burke ends up proposing to her. Webber endeavors to reunite with his wife, Adele, and decides to retire, only to come home and find she’s with another man.