Download Grey’s Anatomy [Season 3 Episode 14] – Wishin’ and Hopin’

Wishin’ and Hopin’

The race for the Chief’s position is on, and the attending physicians, Derek, Burke, Addison, and Mark compete for Webber’s affections by trying to help out everywhere possible. The Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic is open for business, but no one shows up. Izzie is disappointed in what she invested Denny’s legacy in, and she Alex team up to steal patients from the emergency room. Callie and George get back from Las Vegas, announcing their marriage, much to everyone’s disbelief. Izzie is not supportive of their marriage and tries to get George to realize the mistake he has made. George and Webber treat a patient with cancer, but her blood has a neurotoxin in it that causes all the staff around her to fall ill. The staff have to operate on her in hazmat suits, and later in small bursts to complete her surgery. Cristina doesn’t give Burke an answer to his proposal, but after watching him risk his life during the surgery, she agrees to marry him. Meanwhile, Meredith’s Alzheimer’s-stricken mother, Ellis Grey, experiences a change in her medical condition by becoming lucid for the day. She is disappointed in the mediocrity her daughter has fallen into and begins to despise Derek, blaming him for what happened to the Meredith that used to be “a force of nature”. Ellis has to have heart surgery and, despite her mother’s wishes, Meredith schedules the upcoming surgery. Webber talks to Ellis and realizes that she is still in love with him, but she loses her memory after their talk ends, before Meredith has the chance to tell her how she really feels.