Download Grey’s Anatomy [Season 3 Episode 17] – Some Kind of Miracle

Some Kind of Miracle

Webber struggles to keep Meredith alive, whose body does not seem to respond to treatment, much to Derek’s devastation. Meanwhile, a metaphor shows Meredith in what she believes is limbo, displaying her interacting with deceased acquaintances whose decision would influence her chances of survival. Cristina remedies her grief for Meredith by leaving the hospital and going shopping, while Alex continues to bond with the pregnant Jane Doe who remains unclaimed, due to her inability to remember anything. Derek is aware that Meredith is a good swimmer and blames Ellis Grey for her daughter’s depression. Ellis goes into cardiac arrest and meets Meredith in the alternate universe, and declares her love and respect for her, telling her to wake up. She does so, and sees everyone who loves her by her side. Cristina lets her know about her engagement to Burke. Addison tells Mark that if he wants to reunite with her, he must go celibate for 60 days.