Download Grey’s Anatomy [Season 3 Episode 18] – Scars and Souvenirs

Scars and Souvenirs

The race between the attending physicians for the Chief of Surgery position heats up after a new competitor enters the fray. They soon realize that the new surgeon, Colin Marlow, was Cristina’s professor in medical school and they used to have a long-term relationship. When Burke finds out about it he realizes that his and Cristina’s relationship is on the rocks. George finds out that Callie’s family is rich, but she had previously hidden the fact in order to find out whether George loves her for who she really is, which eventually leads to an argument toward the pair. Webber, Callie, and Izzie treat a war veteran with a bullet in his back. Derek treats his former colleague from New York, but they argue over the best care as Derek wants to push a risky surgery, and his colleague doesn’t want any more surgeries. Alex continues to work with Jane Doe, whose memory hasn’t come back, and later he moves into George’s old room. Meredith and Derek have dinner with her father and stepmother. Meredith starts to connect with Susan, but her relationship with Thatcher seems to be irreparable. Izzie wakes up, realizing that she slept with George while they were both drunk.