Download Grey’s Anatomy [Season 3 Episode 20] – Time After Time

Time After Time

When Izzie’s daughter, Hannah Klein, is brought to the hospital for leukemia treatment, her adoptive parents come searching for Izzie, and ask her to donate her bone marrow in support. She is saddened to learn that her daughter does not want to see her, but is surprised to see how alike they are. George helps Izzie out, but forgets about a coffee break with Callie. Mark offers to be Webber’s wingman, to get him back into dating. Derek comes to the conclusion that his relationship with Meredith is the only thing standing in his way to become the Chief of Surgery. Colin continues to intrude on Burke and Cristina’s lives with an impending surgery he will perform. He tries to convince Cristina to break up with Burke, due to their targets being completely different. After realizing that Cristina has changed, Colin drops out of the race for Chief and leaves the hospital. Meredith starts to grow closer to her stepmother, Susan, but they experience a blip when Meredith snaps at her for her constant mothering. A couple arrives at Seattle Grace Hospital to see Ava, whom they initially believe to be their daughter, but the mother rejects Ava without telling her. They leave Alex to inform Ava, causing Ava to lash out.