Download Pretty Little Liars [Season 5 Episode 15] – Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat

Toby spots Alison at the Chester County Women’s Correctional Facility. Toby tells the girls at school about Ali. Later, Toby finds a knife that belonged to his family in Mona’s backyard while surveying the area with the police. He tells Spencer and Caleb who agree to pretend that they know nothing about it. Unbeknownst to Toby, Spencer and Caleb go back for the knife. They burn it in a kiln at school. Jason refuses to accept a call from Ali at work, putting Ashley in an uncomfortable position. Emily persuades Ezra, whose caterer quit last-minute, to let her help him. After her culinary skills prove insufficient, Ezra hires a cook named Talia and lets Emily stay on payroll as a barista. Ezra tells Aria she may have been wait-listed at Talmadge due to his ex, Jackie Molina, serving as an admissions officer there. At the Brew’s re-opening event, Spencer meets Jonny Raymond to whom her mother has rented out their guest house. Hanna’s in pursuit of Holbrook who told Toby he went on leave to tend to his sick father. She discovers Holbrook’s dad is unaware of his whereabouts and he mistakes her for Ali. After, Hanna visits Ali and encourages her to give up trying to scare them. Ali tells her she has given up but Hanna isn’t convinced and tells Ali not to count on the Liars.