Download Pretty Little Liars [Season 5 Episode 23] – The Melody Lingers On

The Melody Lingers On

Alison’s trial begins and the prosecutor exposes her kidnapping story as a lie to the court, making the Liars fear what else will be revealed. When Jason is called to testify, his affair with Ashley is revealed and the prosecutor theorizes that Ashley convinced Jason to change his identification of Alison in the video of Mona being attacked in exchange for “personal inducements” to help Hanna. Spencer discovers that Varjak’s phone number is the same as the one in the personal ads in Alison’s house. When Hanna asks Alison about this she reveals that the messages started after her mother’s body was found and she believed it was Mona because they stopped when she was murdered. Aria gets a call from the phone number and a French song is played over the phone, which Hanna tells them was one of Mona’s favourite songs. Spencer, Emily and Aria go to Mona’s house and discover her room has been searched by ‘A’, but find a cryptic clue hidden in a mirror. Jason visits Alison in jail and she tells him to get out of Rosewood before he is dragged down with her. At a forensic lab, an analyst examines an ice pick that was found in Mona’s house, with the company logo “Boo Boo’s Ice Cream” printed on it.

‘A’ ending: ‘A’ shreds Paul Varjak’s documents and using the shredded paper to line Tippi’s cage.