Download Pretty Little Liars [Season 5 Episode 25] – Welcome to the Dollhouse

Welcome to the Dollhouse

The Liars have all been arrested and are in a police van on the way to prison, when the van comes to a stop. The door opens to reveal a masked ‘A’ with a gun who gasses the van. When all the Liars have woken and are startled, and Emily quickly notices a camera in a corner of her room. Hanna tries opening her room’s door, but it’s locked. Spencer grabs a rocking chair and throws it against her window, but is soon discovers the concrete wall inches from the smashed window. The Liars soon re-unite, and find themselves in a living room, with a girl playing the piano that turns out to be Mona who is alive and was manipulated by “A” into being Alison. Mona walks off to the game room, and the Liars follow her. They sit down in front of a table with a single board game on it. They open some of the board games cards, to find photos of their own prom dates from the ice ball. Hanna loses it, and turns towards the camera, yelling at ‘A’. Loud sirens go off, making them all retreat to their rooms. Mona wakes the Liars up during the night and she tells them how the generator shuts down for 3 minutes and also tells them she knows she’s Mona, and is playing an act for ‘A’. In bed, Spencer figures out ‘A’s name is Charles. Next morning, ‘A’ shows them the basement, where the Liars are to recreate the prom. Playing ‘A’, they trick them into giving materials to make a camera that will temporarily shut down the generator, giving them time to escape. At the prom, Charles joins them and the Liars then use the camera and escape. Once outside, they found that an electric fence and the woods surround them as music started playing.