Download Avatar The Last Airbender [Season 1 Episode 1] – The Boy in the Iceberg

The Boy in the Iceberg

While fishing, Sokka and Katara discover Aang and his ten-ton, six-legged sky bison Appa icebound floating on the sea. After freeing them, they discover that Aang is an Airbender from the Air Nomads, a race of people assumed to have died out a hundred years before. When he goes with them to the water tribe he doesn’t reveal that he is the Avatar, that has the ability to bend the four elements. The Avatar is reincarnated generation after generation and would be the only one who could prevent the Fire Nation from conquering all the nations, which is why the Fire Nation exterminated the Air Nomads, Aang’s tribe. Meanwhile, Zuko, the banished Prince of the Fire Nation, is patrolling the seas in search of the Avatar. While exploring an abandoned Fire Nation ship, Katara tells Aang about the war that had been going on for the past hundred years. They accidentally set off a light beam in the ship, which alerts Zuko to the village.