Download Colony [Season 1 Episode 1] – Pilot


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Will Bowman goes looking for his missing son and attempts to smuggle himself to Santa Monica (another walled “Colony Bloc”) inside a tractor-trailer truck with the help of a shady character called Spider. At a Rap checkpoint at the Los Angeles Bloc wall, the Resistance detonates a truck bomb in a nearby vehicle. Surviving the blast (as perhaps Spider did not), Will is arrested from the wreckage and kept in a holding pen with various prisoners, including the Collaborator-hating David. Meanwhile, Katie seeks insulin (now a rare commodity) for her nephew, Hudson, from a black-market home chemist and escapes a deal gone bad by pulling a pistol, possession of which is punishable by death. Further risking execution, she violates curfew to contact Will’s co-worker Carlos, tries the hospital where the truck-bombing victims are being treated (from where she steals insulin), and finally learns from Resistance contact Broussard that Will has been captured. Proxy Capt. Lagarza has identified Will and taken him to L.A. Governor Snyder, who, above a sumptuous Collaborator cocktail party observing the launch of a Host spacecraft, makes Will an offer he may be unable to refuse and with which Katie may not go along. Snyder shows up at the Bowman residence with armed men to coerce cooperation, but Will demands help in finding their missing son. Katie meets with the leaders of the L.A. resistance.