Download Colony [Season 1 Episode 2] – A Brave New World

A Brave New World

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Will begins his work as an unwilling Transitional Authority agent, working under L.A. Homeland Security’s callous bureaucrat Phyllis, whom he pegs as a former CIA officer. He and his assigned partner, Beau, look for Andy, the man who planted the truck bomb that went off the week before, and arrest him outside the apartment of his girlfriend, Teresa. Katie is given permission to reopen her bar, the Yonk, and Broussard meets her there, seeking information on Will’s investigations. In the meantime, Carlos has been arrested and his co-worker killed for their roles in helping Will in his earlier attempt to leave the city. Katie and Will help Carlos’s wife, Lucia, and son find shelter and new identities. Maddie, working in catering services for the Collaborators, meets an old acquaintance, George, who is now doing well as a Collaborator. He invites her to his home for a fling, but afterward only wants to see her again “discreetly” because she does not live in the Collaborators’ “Green Zone”. Feeling used, she refuses this arrangement and leaves. Katie feeds intelligence about Will’s anti-insurrectionist work to Quayle and Broussard. Quayle says Geronimo and the Resistance are close to a breakthrough that could damage the Hosts’ position and help bring about the end of the Occupation, but he also warns the arrest and interrogation of more members of the rogue cell who pulled off the truck bombing could dash these hopes because they know too much. He enlists Katie to redouble her efforts to use Will to get information. Will is unable to save Carlos from the Factory and is ashamed of his collaboration, even if it is protecting his own family. Carlos and other Factory-bound prisoners are put through a decontamination regimen and their fate is uncertain. Katie overhears Will is headed to apprehend the rest of the bombing cell and informs Broussard. Will and Beau arrive at the cell’s hideout only to find them executed by the Resistance, who have left “Geronimo” graffiti. Will concludes there is a security leak within Homeland Security. Katie is as yet unaware her double-agent work has gotten people killed.