Download Colony [Season 1 Episode 3] – 98 Seconds

98 Seconds

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A Resistance mobile radio operator, listened to secretly by many of the people under the Transitional Authority occupation, tells the story of the injustice that led to the Santa Monica gate truck-bombing, and urges people to join the Resistance. Katie joins more resistance members to hijack a supply truck. A civilian distraction gets a Resistance member shot. The Resistance learns – at the cost of lives – that Host drones respond to the gunfire in 98 seconds. Katie hides her post-combat panic attack, and questions it would arouse, by sexually distracting Will and blaming her anxiety on their missing son. At school, Bram meets after class with teacher Mr. Carson, with whom he has been working to record the “Geronimo” broadcasts and study the Hosts’ spacecraft launches. Will and Beau investigate the hijack scene and find Justin’s body. Will and Jennifer search Justin’s home and find a Resistance cipher. The entire Kim family is sent to the Factory. Will has more doubts about his collaboration. Katie expresses similar doubts to a Resistance contact. Fellow student Pia leads Bram to a secret way under the Wall. Will and Beau discover the L.A. Resistance’s underground armory and shooting range, costing the operation half of its weapons. Life gets more perilous for the Bowmans: If the intelligence that Katie can glean from Will doesn’t outweigh the damage Will’s investigations are doing, they will eliminate him. Snyder makes a pompous appearance at the Yonk. Will learns the Raps keep detailed information on all citizens in a database that Homeland nicknames “the Rolodex,” but most of the data is from before the Arrival. He tells Katie he plans to use it to find their missing son Charlie, and hints at a further anti-Host plan. Katie uses knowledge of this database as a bargaining chip with Broussard to protect Will. Pia tells Bram that, outside the walled Blocs, structures and supplies remain, but everyone is simply gone.