Download Dexter [Season 8 Episode 5] – This Little Piggy

This Little Piggy

Vogel tries to sort things out for Dexter and Debra with a therapy session, but Dexter angrily walks out. Miami Metro steps up its investigation of Norma Rivera’s murderer; they target her boss Ed Hamilton, with whom she was having an affair, but Matthews asks Quinn to overlook Hamilton because he is a friend of the department. Dexter suspects that Hamilton’s son, Zach, is the real killer. Masuka asks Debra to do a background check on his visitor, Niki, who claims to be his daughter. Yates abducts Vogel, and Dexter and Debra reconcile as they work together to find her. Yates holds Vogel hostage, but she manages to secretly call Dexter, and Debra traces the location. Dexter kills Yates, and brings Debra and Vogel out to sea with him as he dumps the body.