Download Dexter [Season 8 Episode 7] – Dress Code

Dress Code

Waking up unharmed, Dexter and Debra realize Hannah has sent them a message. Dexter finds Hannah’s current alias and address, and learns that she is married to multimillionaire Miles Castner. Masuka learns that Niki works at a topless sports bar, and attempts to get her a job in his lab. Zach visits the precinct with his lawyer and demands that Quinn stop following him. Quinn and Jamie decide to move in together. Hannah confesses to Dexter that she returned to ask him to kill Miles. Debra borrows Elway’s GPS and tracks Dexter. Miles violently confronts Hannah about her meeting with Dexter, and she kills him herself. Dexter and Hannah dump the body, but Debra sees them together. Dexter is called to a crime scene in his building: Cassie has been murdered, in the same way that Norma was, and Dexter suspects Zach.