Download Dexter [Season 8 Episode 9] – Make Your Own Kind of Music

Make Your Own Kind of Music

Investigating Zach’s murder, Dexter finds DNA evidence and learns that the Brain Surgeon is Vogel’s psychopathic son, who faked his death years ago and changed his name; he turns out to be Oliver Saxon, Cassie’s latest boyfriend who appeared devastated over her death. U.S. Marshal Max Clayton arrives in Miami to search for Hannah, but Dexter throws him off the trail and moves Hannah to Debra’s house. Debra suspects Saxon of Cassie’s murder, and he goes into hiding. Debra later considers rejoining Miami Metro. Dexter lures Saxon out of hiding but loses him, after which Vogel tells Dexter to let this case go. Dexter makes plans to leave Miami forever and take Hannah and Harrison with him, but not before finding and killing Saxon. Unbeknownst to Dexter, Saxon has reunited with Vogel, who accepts him into her home.