Download Family Guy [Season 4 Episode 28] – Stewie B. Goode

Stewie B. Goode[a]

Peter and Lois try to teach Stewie how to swim. After meeting the star pupil of the swimming class, Brad, Stewie finds he can not compete with him. Attempting to beat him in a race, Stewie ends up barely leaving the starting line, and because of this, he attempts to kill Brad. Meanwhile, at the Lackluster Video store, Peter starts ranting on how the new video store will not sell pornography. While he continues, Tom Tucker from Channel 5 News was there and wants to give Peter his own segment called “You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?” The segment instantly becomes popular, causing Tom to become jealous of Peter’s fame. The next day he attempts to sabotage Peter’s segment, leading to the network head’s firing of Tom. After a short period, Tom Tucker learns about Stewie driving the car into the Drunken Clam under the influence. Peter’s lack of parenting skills lead to him being fired and Tom Tucker being rehired.