Download Family Guy [Season 4 Episode 29] – Bango Was His Name, Oh!

Bango Was His Name, Oh!

Visiting a local electronic store to get a new VCR, Peter and Lois are persuaded into buying a TiVo. Once home, Brian and Stewie are watching a news interview when Stewie sees someone identical to him. Stewie believes that the man he sees is his real father. When he discovered this, he starts trying to make money for a flight to California and once Stewie is ready, he learns that Quagmire is going to the same location as he is, and changes his plans to go along with him. Brian stops him, and insisted of going with him. Meanwhile, Peter is trying to have sex with Lois but Chris and Meg keep intruding. Lois and Peter decide to get their kids to start dating. Lois teaches Chris how to treat a woman, manners, eating out, and to name the women of Sex and the City through example and torture, while Peter teaches Meg how to treat a man through shaving his back and loving the man’s flatulence.