Download Friends [Season 10 Episode 13] – The One Where Joey Speaks French

The One Where Joey Speaks French

Phoebe tries to teach Joey how to speak French for a play. Rachel’s dad has a heart attack, so she goes to Long Island, accompanied by Ross, to visit him, which leads Rachel to want sympathy sex with Ross, but he turns her down since he thinks it’s not a good idea. Rachel, the next morning, becomes mad at Ross because of this and he says they should never have sex again, saying it’s “off the table”. Back in the city, Rachel again thanks Ross for coming with her and the two comment about their history of sleeping together. Rachel says for her and Ross, it’s “never off the table”, confusing him and he leaves. Meanwhile, Erica, the birth mother, comes for a visit and reveals that the father of her baby may be a shovel killer, which is not the case as the father is another guy she slept with.