Download Gotham [Season 1 Episode 10] – Lovecraft


Assassins led by Copperhead[18][19][20] infiltrate Wayne Manor, but Bruce and Selina escape into the city. Alfred seeks Gordon and Bullock’s help to find the pair. Dent suspects that Lovecraft hired the assassins to cover his tracks. However, Gordon learns Lovecraft is also being targeted to hide what he knows; the assassins kill Lovecraft in a staged suicide, planting Gordon’s gun at the scene. Following the armory fiasco, Cobblepot tells Falcone that Mooney has a mole in his ranks, but does not reveal the identity. Selina determines the assassins are after her, and she and Bruce encounter Ivy Pepper.[21], Mario’s daughter. The assassins find Selina and Bruce, but she escapes while Bullock and Alfred, who convinces Mooney to help, arrive and rescue Bruce. Selina later kisses Bruce and returns to living on the streets. Following Lovecraft’s “suicide”, Mayor James reassigns Gordon as a security guard at Arkham Asylum.