Download Gotham [Season 1 Episode 13] – Welcome Back, Jim Gordon

Welcome Back, Jim Gordon

Mooney is tortured by Falcone’s henchman, but Gilzean frees himself and rescues her. A homicide witness is murdered while under custody at GCPD. Gordon comes to suspect Narcotics Detective Arnold Flass is behind. Learning that Flass is supported by influential figures, Gordon asks help from Cobblepot, who tasks his enforcer, Gabe. Bruce asks Selina about his parents’ murderer, but she reveals she lied about seeing the man’s face to avoid being sent to juvenile detention. Nygma gives Kringle a romantic greeting card, but Flass finds it and mocks him; Kringle later apologizes to Nygma and admires the card. Gabe gives Gordon evidence that exposes Flass’ involvement in the witness’ death, and Flass is arrested. Gordon learns that Gabe threatened the family of Delaware, Flass’s accomplice, for proof. Mooney and Gilzean confront Cobblepot at the nightclub, but Zsasz arrives and recaptures Gilzean. Mooney escapes decides to temporarily leave Gotham, with Bullock revealed as her lover.