Download Gotham [Season 1 Episode 21] – The Anvil or the Hammer

The Anvil or the Hammer

Jason holds Barbara captive and forces her at knifepoint to choose his next victim. Nygma disposes of Dougherty’s body and forges a letter from him saying a cold goodbye to Kringle. Bruce sneaks into Bunderslaw’s office to open his safe, but Bunderslaw was expecting Bruce and has emptied it. He claims that Thomas knew of Wayne Enterprises’ illegal activities but kept quiet. Junior executive Lucius Fox tells Bruce that Thomas did not approve of the company’s crimes. Bruce confesses his and Selina’s adventures, including Payne’s death, to Afred. Cobblepot sends the hitmen to attack Maroni, but is revealed to have set up the plan to frame Falcone and start a war between the two mob bosses. Gordon and Bullock locate Jason’s apartment, but he and Barbara have already left for her parents’ mansion. There, they find her parents dead, and Gordon kills Jason after a standoff. Later, Gordon reassures Lee that he no longer loves Barbara. Maroni begins attacking Falcone’s men, and Essen calls all GCPD officers to remain on duty during the upcoming gang war.