Download Suits [Season 6 Episode 12] – The Painting

The Painting

Harvey flashes back seven years to his father’s funeral, the last time he spoke to his family. Then, the presence of Bobby, the man with whom his mother cheated, caused Harvey to reject his family completely. Now, he reconnects with his brother’s family, but doesn’t understand why his mother blames him for leaving. His brother and Bobby remind him that he hasn’t been there to support his family. Harvey and his mother apologize to each other and she gives him a painting to replace the one he lost to Stemple. Meanwhile, Mike is suddenly offered a job at a legal clinic that recognizes his talent and appreciates his honesty. He learns he will be managing the staff. Facing hostility, Mike tells them the truth to prove he isn’t “slumming it” because he couldn’t hack it in corporate law. He helps law student Marissa with a housing case, despite the frustration of being unable to represent the client himself, and uses his own money to buy the client time. Louis steps up to manage one of Harvey’s clients in his absence. Louis and Harvey agree to be interim managing partners and leave the firm’s name as Pearson Specter Litt.