Download Suits [Season 6 Episode 13] – Teeth, Nose, Teeth

Teeth, Nose, Teeth

Rachel and Mike make plans to hold their wedding and Louis tries to cope with Tara’s ex being in their baby’s life. Rachel is derailed by a letter stating that she’s already been rejected by the bar on ethical grounds. When Harvey goes to make it right, a member of the ethics board, Craig Seidel (Michael B. Silver) insinuates that he will deny Rachel unless Harvey sues his business competitor Velocity. Louis does the research and gets Harvey the leverage to ensure support for both Rachel and Mike in front of the bar. The housing case at the legal clinic escalates, but Mike’s team members, Marissa and Oliver, seem too inexperienced to handle it. With Marissa out of town, Oliver freezing in court, Mike forbidden from acting as an attorney, and a boss who is tired of putting in overtime, Mike feels he can’t help anyone from his current position. When the judge dismisses the case, Mike agrees to Harvey’s plan. In the office, IT guy Benjamin shows Donna a device that mimics her clever quips and proposes a business partnership, but she realizes that her heart is as much a part of her as her wit and turns him down.