Download Suits [Season 6 Episode 15] – Quid Pro Quo

Quid Pro Quo

Donna takes Benjamin’s “The Donna” to Stu before shopping around to other investors. Mike pulls out of the deal with Seidel to ensure his clients get paid but, with Velocity putting pressure on the firm’s clients, Pearson Specter Litt withdraws from the lawsuit, leaving Mike with no leverage. Rachel and Harvey use Seidel’s situation to find a new opening, but Mike wants nothing to do with Harvey’s less-than-legal methods. Through Rachel, Mike realizes that he can’t give up being a lawyer, so he and Harvey use evidence of corporate espionage to force Velocity’s CEO into a settlement offer and reopen the deal to get Mike in front of the bar. When Donna and Benjamin meet with investors, she learns that they only respect Harvey’s name, not hers. She decides to take Stu’s offer, because he sees her as an equal. Louis worries about telling Tara that he knew Mike’s secret and used it to demand he become a name partner. Even though Rachel convinces him that telling her is better than her finding out later, Tara gets upset, Louis argues with her, and she walks out.