Download Supernatural [Season 10 Episode 12] – About a Boy

About a Boy

Dean locks himself in the Bunker for a week researching the Mark of Cain until Sam convinces him to investigate a case in Pendleton, Oregon where a man disappeared in a flash of light. While at the bar looking for clues, Dean meets a woman named Tina who he spends the day talking to. When she leaves, he notices a man following her and Tina disappears in a flash of light as well. When Dean investigates, the man uses a hex bag on Dean and he finds himself locked in a cell and at the age of fourteen (Dylan Everett) with a teenage Tina in the cell next to him. With the help of Tina, Dean escapes and returns to a stunned Sam who has determined that they are dealing with a witch after finding yarrow at the bar where Dean disappeared. Sam and Dean return to the witch’s house where they find Tina gone and capture the man who reveals himself to be Hansel of Hansel and Gretel (Mark Acheson). Hansel explains that Hansel and Gretel was a true story, only the story had a happy ending, while in reality he was forced to help the witch Katja (Lesley Nicol) eat children for centuries and eat Gretel’s heart when they tried to escape. Hansel tells them how to reverse the spell and offers his help in stopping Katja. However, when Sam and Dean try to kill her as she prepares to eat Tina, Hansel reveals himself as evil and disarms them. They are stunned when Katja reveals that she has been sent by the Grand Coven to stop Rowena, but fight her and Hansel before they can learn anymore. They lose, but Dean manages to get Hansel’s hex bag and reverse the spell on himself. Returned to his usual self, Dean quickly kills Hansel and cooks Katja in her own oven. Afterwards, they are unable to revert Tina to normal as the hex bag burned with Katja. However, when the brothers offer to recreate the spell for her, Tina refuses, as she sees this as a second chance since she has so far had a bad life. After dropping Tina off at the bus station, Sam and Dean contemplate the information about the Grand Coven and the return of the Mark, which had disappeared when Dean was a teenager.