Download Supernatural [Season 10 Episode 16] – Paint It Black

Paint It Black

Sam and Dean investigate a case in Worcester, Massachusetts where three men were horribly killed in two weeks, two by suicide and one by his wife murdering him. However, the wife had no memory of the murder so they believe it to be a case of ghost possession as there is no sign of a demon and it doesn’t fit the way they do things. The only connection they can find between the victims is they all went to confession so Dean visits confession in hopes of drawing the ghost out. In the process, he admits that while he’s always felt he’d die hunting, he feels that time is approaching and he’s not ready for it. Its revealed that the ghost is that of a nun named Isabella who in 1520 fell in love with an artist named Piero who didn’t love her back so she was sent to a convent by her family to deal with her grief. Another nun, Sister Mathias who has been talking with Isabella, overhears Sam and Dean talking about what’s been happening and reads Isabella’s journal to learn that she killed Piero after finding him in bed with another woman. She alerts Sam and Dean and Dean orders Sam to burn the journal, believing Isabella to be tied to it as she was burned at the stake as a witch due to the horrific nature of her crime. While Dean tries to fight off Isabella possessing Sister Mathias, Sam reads the journal and learns that Isabella’s blood and part of her finger were used to create the painting Piero made of her. Sam salts and burns the painting, destroying Isabella. Later, Sam tells Dean that he truly believes that there is a cure for the Mark of Cain and they need to keep searching, but Dean is unenthusiastic about it. At the same time, Crowley captures Olivette High Priestess of the Grand Coven for Rowena to make her case to in order to practice magic freely once more. Olivette reveals that the Grand Coven was devastated by the Men of Letters and is actually very weak now. She explains that the Men of Letters plundered the Coven’s spells and potions and hid them in bunkers across the world and the only known surviving Men of Letters are Sam and Dean. This causes Rowena, who turns Olivette into a hamster, to use Crowley’s relationship with Sam and Dean in hopes of getting at the plunder.