Download Supernatural [Season 10 Episode 17] – Inside Man

Inside Man

After Dean has a nightmare of all the carnage he has caused under the Mark’s influence, Sam searches out a cure on his own with the help of Castiel while lying to Dean about what he is doing. Knowing the only one with possible knowledge of a cure is Metatron, Sam and Castiel attempt to get him from Heaven, but are barred from entering by Hannah (Lee Majdoub) as Metatron is too dangerous to be let loose. Desperate, Sam and Castiel enlist the help of a psychic to contact Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) in Heaven to break Metatron out. Bobby is able to get Castiel in and Metatron out, but is last seen being approached by Hannah and several other angels to be punished for his actions. On Earth, Castiel removes Metatron’s grace, making him human and under threat of death, Metatron admits he actually is unaware of a cure for the Mark and lied before. To stop Sam from killing him, Metatron admits that there is some of Castiel’s grace left and offers to lead him to it in exchange for his life. Reluctantly, Castiel agrees and drives off with Metatron to find it. At the same time, Dean cools off in a bar, hustling pool where Rowena attempts to kill him with three men under her control and a spell. Dean is able to beat the men and the Mark makes him immune to the spell, but he lets her go to save the men’s lives. Rowena tries to trick Crowley into killing Dean for her, revealing that the Mark is just an ancient curse, but Dean and Crowley talk instead and Dean helps Crowley realize just how little Rowena means to him and he kicks her out. Sam and Dean later lie to each other about what they did and Sam reads a note from Bobby telling him to keep looking and stop lying to each other.