Download Supernatural [Season 10 Episode 18] – Book of the Damned

Book of the Damned

Charlie contacts Sam and Dean, having found the Book of the Damned. However, she is tracked by Jacob Styne, who is determined to find the book as well, claiming that it belongs to his family. Sam and Dean meet with Charlie and try to translate the book which calls out to Dean to be used. Dean learns from the Men of Letters files that the man and his family are the Styne family, a family who used the book to commit evil acts until it was taken from them a century before. After an encounter with Jacob, Dean orders Sam to burn the book as its evil and dangerous. Sam appears to burn the book during a fight with Jacob and his family are killed, but warn that other Stynes will never stop until they retrieve the book. It’s later revealed that Sam kept the book intact because it is the only chance of removing the Mark of Cain, no matter the consequences. At the same time, Castiel and Metatron search for Castiel’s grace, coming under attack by an angry Cupid along the way. Searching for the grace inside a library, Metatron incapacitates Castiel with a spell and takes the demon tablet, what he had really come searching for. However, Castiel manages to recover his grace and is restored to full power though his wings are still broken. Sam and Castiel do not tell Dean that Metatron is on the loose with the tablet. After celebrating Castiel’s full return with Dean and Charlie, Sam meets with Rowena, believing her to be the only one capable of translating the book.