Download The Big Bang Theory [Season 7 Episode 13] – The Occupation Recalibration

The Occupation Recalibration

Penny quits the Cheesecake Factory to concentrate on her acting career. Despite saying he supports her, Leonard is not thrilled with her quitting. Meanwhile Sheldon, forced into taking vacation time, ends up tagging along with Penny. He says he supports her decision, comparing it to his devoting his life to becoming a physicist. Leonard eventually says that though he could not take a risk like hers, he is proud of Penny for doing so. Geologist Bert brings Amy pretty rocks each day to hit on her. She is oblivious until Howard and Raj point it out. Despite telling Bert she has a boyfriend, Amy is guilt-tripped into attending a “mineral and rock show” with him. Howard and Raj talk to Bert to get Amy out of it, and they attend the show with Bert instead. Bernadette accidentally damages one of Howard’s comic books, and heads to Stuart for help. As he does not have the issue, he reluctantly takes her to a rival store. The owner, Jesse, insults Stuart, so Bernadette scolds Jesse and leaves without the comic. She later returns to Jesse’s store alone and continues to berate him, nevertheless purchasing the comic.

Title reference: Penny quits being a waitress in order to devote all her time into creating a successful acting career.