Download The Big Bang Theory [Season 7 Episode 14] – The Convention Conundrum

The Convention Conundrum

After the guys fail to obtain Comic-Con tickets, Sheldon wants to create his own comic book convention. He decides to ask James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader, to be the celebrity guest at his new event. Sheldon finds out where Jones is eating and approaches him. Unlike most of Sheldon’s idols, Jones is not turned off by Sheldon’s obsessive personality and hero-worship. Jones takes Sheldon out for a night on the town, visiting an ice cream parlor, a carnival, and a strip club, doing karaoke together (“The Lion Sleeps Tonight”), ringing Carrie Fisher’s doorbell and running away, and finally visiting a sauna, where Sheldon begins to get somewhat sick of Jones’s company. After he learns the guys did not get Comic-Con tickets, Jones invites Sheldon and his friends to be his guests and promises to take Sheldon to Tijuana every night. Meanwhile, Leonard, Raj, and Howard plan to meet with a ticket scalper to get tickets, but chicken out to avoid trouble. The girls go to a tea room to “feel adult”, but only mothers and their daughters are there so they move on to the bar and wonder what is so great about being adults since acting as “proper” grown-ups is quite boring.

Title reference: The conundrum of how to get tickets to the Comic-Con convention or Sheldon’s problem of finding a guest for his convention.