Download The Big Bang Theory [Season 7 Episode 16] – The Table Polarization

The Table Polarization

Leonard and Penny decide to get a dining table for the apartment so that they no longer have to eat around the coffee table. Sheldon objects to the change, blaming Penny for changing Leonard, though Amy has changed Sheldon. Unhappy with this and that Amy told them about the kiss, he decides to break up with Amy. Amy, who has been alerted, agrees to break up, but blocks Sheldon’s plan by convincing him that Leonard is manipulating him. Amy feeds Sheldon arguments against Leonard, but goes too far when she suggests they move in together. Finally, Amy and Sheldon eat together on the sofa, with the others at the table, until everyone pities Sheldon and all end up back at the coffee table. NASA asks Howard to revisit the International Space Station. He has forgotten his horrible first time, and eagerly wants to return. Bernadette holds an intervention where Howard is reminded he would have to go through survival training again. Howard finds a way out by phoning his mother during his blood pressure test, thus failing his physical.

Title reference: The polarizing reactions of Leonard and Sheldon to the idea of getting a dining room table.