Download The Big Bang Theory [Season 7 Episode 17] – The Friendship Turbulence

The Friendship Turbulence

Penny informs the group she has turned down a role in the sequel to the bad horror movie she starred in. Later, Penny’s car breaks down leaving her no way to get to auditions, so she considers resuming her Cheesecake Factory job. Leonard surprises her with a new car, so she can further pursue her acting career. Sheldon insults Howard, and Bernadette wants to know why he always does so. Sheldon details a decade of abuse. Howard wants to be a better friend, and invites Sheldon to a weekend in Houston when Sheldon can visit NASA and his mother. On the flight, both are frightened by clear-air turbulence and each admits respecting the other as a friend without whom life would be empty. Raj asks Amy to reply to Emily who contacted his dating website. Raj thus appears too passive, turning her off. She and Amy have much in common and enjoy tea together until Raj interrupts them, putting off Emily and ruining any chance of friendship with either.

Title reference: The emotional turbulence of Howard’s and Sheldon’s friendship and the physical turbulence they experience together on the plane.