Download The Big Bang Theory [Season 7 Episode 20] – The Relationship Diremption

The Relationship Diremption

Raj and Howard double-date so that the Wolowitzes can meet Emily before Raj scares her off. At first Raj is afraid Howard will joke about his shortcomings; however, Howard becomes the butt of all the jokes. He had a blind date with Emily years before, and due to a stomach problem, he severely blocked her toilet and ran out on her. Howard gained the nickname “Clogzilla”. Recent big bang theory discoveries lead Sheldon to believe he wasted his life trying to prove string theory. On Penny’s advice he decides to get rid of all his string theory books and move to a new field. Over frustration at all his possible choices, Sheldon jokes he might as well take up geology, which he believes is not real science. Leonard and Penny tell him not to rush it. Eventually, Amy puts a drunken Sheldon to bed. When he awakes, he is horrified to see what he holds in his arms: a geology book. He also discovers he made many drunk calls to Stephen Hawking’s answering machine.

Title reference: Sheldon referencing his work on string theory as if it were a failed relationship.