Download The Big Bang Theory [Season 7 Episode 21] – The Anything Can Happen Recurrence

The Anything Can Happen Recurrence

After reinstating “Anything Can Happen Thursday”, Sheldon, Leonard and Penny wander around town looking for a new restaurant. They find Amy and Bernadette having dinner after lying to their friends. They were tired of hearing Sheldon moan about searching for a new research field and Penny complain about her horrible movie. Leonard sympathizes, so Sheldon and Penny storm off. Bernadette admits lying to Howard too. Amy tells Leonard she is jealous of how comfortable Sheldon is with Penny. Penny calls Howard and says Bernadette lied to him, but Bernadette says she will just put on a Catholic schoolgirl uniform to make it up to him. Raj and Howard watch a horror film, which both find disturbing, to prepare Raj for watching it with Emily. Emily later says she too finds the film disturbing, but Raj watches it with her after she says it also turns her on. After dinner, Penny drags Sheldon to a psychic who says all his problems will be solved if he commits more to Amy. Sheldon scoffs at this “malarkey”. Later, Amy shows up at Sheldon’s door dressed as a Catholic schoolgirl to apologize for lying, but Sheldon acts unmoved.

Title reference: The return of “Anything Can Happen” Thursday night from the episode “The Hofstadter Isotope”.