Download The Big Bang Theory [Season 7 Episode 23] – The Gorilla Dissolution

The Gorilla Dissolution

Howard, Bernadette, and Raj move a treadmill up to Howard’s old room at his mother’s house as her doctor says she needs more exercise. The treadmill slides back down the stairs, breaking Howard’s mother’s leg. The couple later struggle to care for her, as if for a newborn baby, but finally hire a live-in nurse. Leonard visits the movie set of “Serial Ape-ist 2: Monkey See, Monkey Kill” where Penny contradicts the director on repeating a take, and she and Wil are fired. They and Leonard commiserate at a bar until Wil is called to audition for Sharknado 2. At home, Penny tells Leonard she must make better life decisions and suggests they marry. He wants assuring this isn’t just because she was fired and feels sorry for herself. Penny says to be happy she needs only Leonard, not fame. He formally proposes, and she happily accepts. At the movies, Sheldon and Raj run into Emily dating another man. Raj and Sheldon later discuss why women don’t like Raj. Sheldon suggests Raj has to overcome his fear of being alone. Emily later explains to Raj that the other guy did her last tattoo and asked her out for months; she gave in to get the date over with. She invites Raj to inspect her three tattoos “on my shoulder; not on my shoulder; definitely not on my shoulder” and spends the night with him.

Title reference: Penny and Wil are both fired from the terrible gorilla-themed horror movie.