Download The Expanse [Season 2 Episode 13] – Caliban’s War

Caliban’s War

The protomolecule monster is discovered in the cargo bay of the Rocinante. It attacks and throws a magnetic crate at Holden, crushing his leg and pinning him to the wall. It begins tearing panels to get to the ship’s reactor core for its radiation. Amos says the only way to get rid of it is to take the extra air on the ship into a pressurized blast to force the monster out into space, which would also kill Holden. Prax sees the monster as a biological creature craving radiation as a nutrient and realizes the nuclear core in the ship’s missiles could lure it out. Naomi and Prax expose a core; Prax throws it at the last second, causing the monster to jump after it and be incinerated by the main engine’s exhaust. Cotyar is wounded in a shootout with Mao’s men but Bobbie manages to sneak away to get her power armor and saves him and Avasarala at the last moment. As the UN science team begins to descend towards the surface of Venus for a closer look at the protomolecule structure, its ship is completely stopped and then disassembled in an increasing spherical pattern, the fate of the crew unknown. Naomi confesses to Holden that she never destroyed their protomolecule sample; with Earth and Mars already fighting over it, the Belt needed it too, so she gave it to Fred Johnson. On Io, Mei is shown to be alive and kept in stasis with several other children by Dr. Strickland.